A good bye to the classics

A good bye to the classics

Today marks the end of an era for Luna Bakehouse, as it's the final day our beloved original supreme flavours will be available in stores. Although we're sad to bid them farewell, we're excited to make way for an exciting lineup of new flavours. Before we welcome the new, let's take a moment to cherish and honour the retiring flavours that have been an integral part of Luna Bakehouse.

Pistachio Supreme:

Our Pistachio Supreme has been an absolute crowd-pleaser and one of our best-selling creations at Luna Bakehouse. This delectable flavour always took the spotlight in our cabinet selection. The secret to its success lies in the use of Sicilian pistachios, which added an unparalleled richness to its creamy texture. Customers couldn't resist the irresistible taste of our Pistachio Supreme, and it quickly became a fan-favorite.

Banoffee Supreme:

Banana and toffee - a match made in dessert heaven! The Banoffee Supreme has been the unsung hero of our supreme range, and it undoubtedly deserves a medal for consistently delivering an amazing taste experience. The filling of this supreme delight is a creamy banana center, complemented by a gooey caramel sauce that oozes decadence with every bite. Its delightful combination of flavours made it a go-to treat.

Mango Supreme:

Who can resist the tropical allure of mango? Our Mango Supreme has been the epitome of creaminess and taste. Crafted with the finest mangoes, this flavour brought a burst of refreshment with every mouthful. Its creamy texture and luscious taste made it a summertime favourite that left everyone craving for more.

While it's hard to say goodbye to these classic flavours, we want to assure you that we have been working tirelessly to bring you a whole new range of supreme delights. Our talented team of pastry chefs has been experimenting with exciting ingredients and innovative combinations to create an unforgettable experience for your taste buds.

As we bid adieu to Pistachio, Banoffee, and Mango Supremes, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our loyal customers who have been a part of this delightful ride. Your love and support have fuelled our passion for creating extraordinary desserts, and we can't wait to share our new creations with you.

Come visit us at Luna Bakehouse, and let's together celebrate the beginning of a new chapter filled with sweetness, innovation, and, of course, the magic of supreme flavours. See you soon!

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