Spooky Matcha (Finished)

Spooky Matcha (Finished)

We understand your love for matcha, and here at Luna Bakehouse, we share that passion! That's precisely why we've joined forces with Thea Matcha to bring you our latest creation: the "Spooky Matcha" Softserve.


Imagine indulging in our Premium Vanilla Matcha Creamy Softserve, elegantly drizzled with our Bloody Berry Sauce, all nestled within a Black Rose Croissant Cone. This delectable treat is bound to captivate your taste buds.

However, much like the mystique of the season, there's a catch. The Black Rose Croissant Cone is as elusive as a ghost, disappearing into the night when our limited stock runs out. So, if you're enticed by this spooky delight, be sure to act quickly.

With its limited availability, this bewitching creation is set to become the talk of the town this spooky season. Don't miss out on this magical experience—join us and make this season extra special with our Spooky Matcha Softserve.

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