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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

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Get set to experience the timeless magic of our Red Velvet Cake – a classic that's about to redefine your dessert expectations! Imagine indulging in a cake that's not only steeped in tradition but also packed with a modern twist of flavor.

We've carefully crafted a light red velvet chocolate sponge that's both fluffy and brimming with the rich essence of cocoa. And get this – we've topped it off with the creamiest Philadelphia cream cheese buttercream that's an absolute taste sensation. Plus, the design? It's a visual masterpiece that's as elegant as it is inviting. Whether it's a special occasion or just a sweet craving, our Red Velvet Cake is your go-to for a slice of nostalgia and a whole lot of yum. Get ready to savor every moment – because this classic beauty is a true celebration of taste!

Additional Information:

  • Please place your cake orders at least two days in advance.
  • We do not provide custom messages on our cakes.
  • Cake pick-up is exclusively available at our NewMarket or ElliotStables locations
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